Culture vultures - rev up those jets

Just in case your corporate jet is standing idle, here is just a sample of a few spots where you could touch down and join a cultural celebration of the year 2000:

*Fiji: The Pacific island nation is laying claim to being the first place to celebrate the new year (being on the 180th meridian). It has brought in a German artist, Wolfram Hissen, to design "a wave of light going back and forth" along the meridian, visible from 15,000 feet above.

*Egypt: An outdoor performance of an electronic opera, "The 12 Dreams of the Sun," by Jean-Michel Jarre, will be on display at the Pyramids. On New Year's Day, a gold cap will be placed atop the Cheops to reflect a laser beam onto the plateau as the day dawns.

*Panmunjom: The truce village that divides North and South Korea will host DMZ 2000, an art-centered celebration featuring, among others, Korean-born video artist Nam June Paik, who'll present his giant video, "Sculpture of Peace."

*Anywhere in the world: As the new year dawns in its final time zone, organizers all over the globe plan a simultaneous hour of drumming. Anyone, anywhere is welcome to join with any size drum they can lay a hand on at their hour of the morning. Here are a few of the times: New York, 7 a.m., Los Angeles, 4 a.m., London, noon. For more information, contact the All One Tribe Foundation at 800-442-3786 or look online at

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