Microsoft: another reaction

Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson may believe Microsoft is illegally using its power to bully competitors. But in a recent poll of 1,000 registered voters, 92 percent of those familiar with the Microsoft antitrust case believe the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant has not done anything to harm consumers.

The poll was taken before the court's Nov. 5 finding by Americans for Technology Leadership (ACT), a new grass-roots consumer coalition that aims to limit government regulation of technology.

Among the poll's other highlights:

*87 percent of Americans feel that the high-tech industry will play a critical role in the future success of the US economy.

*77 percent feel the lawsuit is an example of wasteful government spending.

*67 percent agree that increased government regulations and litigation of the tech industry will lead to higher prices.

ACT, meanwhile, claims the poll reinforces its mission: "We believe that most American consumers share our view that the future of technology should be determined by consumers, programmers, and engineers, rather than bureaucrats and lawyers," says ACT president Jonathan Zuck.

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