Prevent Y2K-hauntings while traveling

Rumors run rampant about the risks of traveling at the end of 1999 because of the Y2K issue.

Those planning a trip to celebrate the new year might be concerned that computer breakdowns could lead to major catastrophes - airplanes becoming lost on radar screens.

But it's the little things that count. Consider taking these steps to assure a stress- and hassle-free vacation:

*Get confirmation numbers and proof of reservation for every segment of your trip, including hotels and car rentals.

*Don't book an e-ticket - have a hard-copy ticket in hand when you show up.

*Before heading out the door, call your airline, train, or cruise line to reconfirm your trip.

*Arrive early at the airport, cruise terminal, or train station in case of mix-ups.

*Bring plenty of food, water, and reading material in case a Y2K problem brings your trip to a halt, forcing you to wait around while the situation is corrected.

*Bring enough cash or traveler's checks in case ATM machines shut down.

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