Calling all young poets...

It's time for our fourth annual student-poetry contest!

Students from preschool through high school are eligible. You may send as many as three original poems; the topics are up to you. Be sure to enclose (1) the filled-out coupon below, and (2) a self-addressed envelope with 44 cents' postage, so we can send you an "I'm a poet" button made especially for this year's contest.

For writing tips, past winners, teacher guidelines, and resources, see our Web site:

Deadline: Nov. 30. Here are two of 1998's winners:

City rain overcast oppressive humid they wander they run they loosen ties they button coats they remember last night they think about the meeting soon they hurry on their ways

spray drops fog they smile they frown they look up at the sky they hide under awnings they stick out their tongues they take out umbrellas they dash behind doors

drizzle steam wet they sigh they yawn they wonder how long it lasted they hope it won't start again they linger just a little longer they wipe steam from their windows they move on again and forget Sara Sanford Grade 8

Drifting Don't fade away dear horse. Where are you going? Only to find a mysterious shape. What? What's that? A dragon. No, an angel. Fly away. To become what now? Drifting. Plain. A cloud. That's all. Carly Sakolove Grade 7

(c) Copyright 1999. The Christian Science Publishing Society

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