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Parents of Columbine gunman to sue DENVER, COLO. -- An attorney representing the parents of Littleton, Colo., gunman Dylan Klebold served notice last Friday of their intent to sue Jefferson County authorities for negligence. Thomas and Susan Klebold allege authorities failed to inform them about the violent tendencies of Eric Harris, the other gunman. Sheriff's deputies had been alerted to previous threats made by Eric and to a Web site he created. The Klebolds said if they had known of these acts, they probably would have demanded that their son "be excluded from all contact with Eric Harris." On April 20, Dylan and Eric hurled bombs and scattered gunfire throughout Columbine High School, killing 12 students and a teacher before they committed suicide in the worst school shooting in United States history. Families of the 13 victims also have filed notices of plans to sue the county and the school district.

Kids of single parents do well in school The results of a recent study by Henry Ricciuti of Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., dispute the assumption that children of single parents are disadvantaged. Professor Ricciuti found that children of single parents did just as well on vocabulary, reading, and mathematics tests as children from two-parent families. He also found that children of single parents are equally free from behavioral problems. Ricciuti attributed differences among children to a parent's general ability and level of education. He asserted that these factors can offset the effects of poverty - at least with younger children. Researchers gathered data about 1,700 six- and seven-year olds from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Congressional summit on teen violence WASHINGTON - 130 members of the House of Representatives and 350 teenagers from their districts will participate today in "Voices Against Violence: A Congressional Teen Conference." During the two-day conference, students will hear from President Clinton, attend a series of workshops, and draft a resolution for consideration by Congress.

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