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This week's lead story explores a reactive change.

It's one more chapter in the Big Story of the day: the technology-spurred shift of power from institutions to individuals - investors, consumers, men and women on the job.

(Related hot tip: One innovative new Web site,, lets stock-watchers track their entire portfolios in real time. It's free.)

About a dozen issues back this section began making what we hope can be called a proactive change. The aim: to better align our coverage with your immediate, day-to-day concerns.

You already know we're not a business section in the traditional sense. You won't see the headline "Bourses Rally Over Rate Freeze."

Ultimately we all feel the ripples from gyrations in the global economy. But we're after a more basic kind of reader utility.

And so we've swung our spotlight on such issues as:

*Car-buying on the Web; cell-phone choices; solar energy for your home; getting free software.

*Solving office disputes; levity (and pets) in the workplace; job-hunting; corporate charity.

*nvestments that reflect your values; the online-trading boom; long-haul financial planning.

A cover story on how advertising today seems to greet us at every turn generated a buzz.

We'd like to hear more from you, our steering committee.

Do you value, for instance, Market Monitor, our stock-market snapshot? What's your take on Off the Cuff, our occasional chats with business gurus?

Do you like the idea of a regular look at what's happening on the Web? That's on the table.

Please send e-mail or leave a message in the Monitor's comment box (617-450-2300).

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