Famous felines

1. this mysterious, antic-loving creature in fanciful headgear tries to entertain two bored children on a rainy day. He makes a fearsome mess of their house, but cleans it up in the end. His name?

2. President Woodrow Wilson was a big fan of one of the first comic-strip cats in history. Hardly a strip went by without this cat getting hit in the head by his brick-loving paramour, Ignatz Mouse. What cartoon cat made history in 1910?

3. This finicky orange tiger cat became one of the most famous strays in history. Discovered in an animal shelter, he rose to stardom on television. What 'commercial' cat once visited the White House and was chauffeured around in a limousine?

4. It was poet T.S. Eliot's writing that inspired the longest-running musical in Broadway history. Bustopher Jones and Rum Rum Tugger first appeared in Eliot's 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.' What's the still-running play's name?

5. This feline creation was named after a 17th- century philosopher who had 'patient dignity and common sense.' What's the name of this good-natured cartoon character who was a fast-talking boy's best friend from 1985 to 1996? (Note: The boy was also named after a philosopher.)

ANSWERS:1. 'The Cat in the Hat,' by Dr. Seuss (1957); 2. Krazy Kat, by George Herriman; 3. Morris (1969); 4. 'Cats' (first performed May 11, 1981); 5. Hobbes, from the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip, by Bill Watterson.

SOURCES: 'Great Cats: the Who's Who of Famous Felines,' by J.C. Suares (1981); 'The Indispensable Cat,' by J.C. Suares (1998); 'The Calvin & Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book,' by Bill Watterson (1995).

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