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pakistan's military has put democracy on hold with the fourth coup in this nation's half century of existence. India, and other nations, anxiously hope the pause is brief. But many Pakistanis celebrated the change, anticipating some improvement in the economy. Quote of note: "A government which improves the lives of the people would be the one that would gain legitimacy." - a Pakistani newspaper columnist

How do you dislodge a despot without hurting civilians? In Yugoslavia, Europe is swapping "strategic bombing" for "strategic aid.".

In Israel, the challenge will be dislodging West Bank settlers without derailing the peace process.

- David Clark Scott, World editor


*COUP SWEETS: When reporter Farhan Bokhari heard news of the military coup, he was in Karachi. He went into the street to see what Pakistanis were saying. Most seemed pleased. Some were cheering and setting off fireworks. In fact, at the local market he found people buying confection treats for the occasion. "Typically, these sweets, known as mitai, are bought to celebrate during holidays or weddings," he says. And Farhan's own favorite coup sweet? "I didn't buy any. But during the post-Ramadan Eid festival, I usually buy ledoo, a sweet made of sugar and lentil powder." Mmmm.


*THE LAST OLE: On Tuesday, Spain's first female matador, Cristina Sanchez, bowed out of a sport that she describes as intolerably sexist. Until 1975, women were prohibited from becoming matadors in Spain. But even today, many bullring owners and male bullfighters in Spain are strongly opposed to female matadors. "I have realized that many minds are closed," she told the newspaper El Pas in Madrid.

In 1996, Ms. Sanchez was the first woman in Europe to become a professional matador.

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