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THE BEAT GENERATION Atlanta software developer Ken Alpern has given the term traffic jam a whole new meaning. Like thousands of other motorists, he enjoyed tapping out the cadence of music from the radio on his dashboard. But then he decided, why not go for the real thing? Thus inspired, he removed the dash from his 1982 pickup and used the space to install a set of drums and cymbals to bang away on at stop lights and other back-ups. Now he fields so many requests to borrow the vehicle that he says, "I've corrupted a lot of people."

YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO Speaking of software developers, Gary Quick has figured out

that money alone isn't enough to keep his company's employees happy in this booming economy. Since February - to hang onto good staffers - the Columbus, Ohio-based Quick Solutions Inc. has been offering an unusual perk to those on the payroll at least three years: monthly housecleaning service. So far, 20 employees qualify. "It makes them feel the company loves them," he says. "It boosts their morale."

Travel magazine releases 'must see' attractions list

National Geographic Traveler magazine has selected 50 "places of a lifetime," which it describes as "must-see spots for the complete traveler." One bonus location - space - also was selected. The other destinations are divided into five categories, including "wild places," "paradise found," "country unbound," and "world wonders." Probably the best-known and most widely visited attractions are in a category called "urban spaces" - cities rated as offering the most in history, entertainment, and culture. The 10 in this group:

Barcelona, Spain

Hong Kong

Istanbul, Turkey



New York


Rio de Janeiro

San Francisco

Venice, Italy

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