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what: a comprehensive site that could help you cut your utility bills.

The best parts: Click on the "Energy Gear" icon to shop for a variety of energy-saving products including appliances, temperature controls, plumbing supplies, and insulation.

In the lighting section, you can type information about the bulbs you use at home into the "LIGHTcalc," and get a list of energy-efficient alternative bulbs. You'll also learn how much you can save annually by switching.

The site's "Energy Finder" delves into utility deregulation, which gives American consumers the opportunity to choose between different providers.

Just click on the site's US map to learn about the status of deregulation in any state.

You can also input your zip code and estimated monthly electric bill into the "Quick Find" calculator and get a list of offers from competing energy suppliers if deregulation has already taken effect in your area.

What you should know: Only 23 states have passed legislation to deregulate utilities. The measures have taken effect in just six states, offering consumers retail choice.

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