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what: free advice and information on financing an education after those high-school years.

The best parts: This award-winning site includes the free CASHE Scholarship Service, which helps students find scholarships to pay for college and graduate school, and interactive calculators that estimate college costs, loan payments, and your family's ability to pay for one year of schooling.

You can also study up on Financial Aid 101 and take quizzes after each lesson (don't worry, these won't affect your GPA).

Need a loan now? Click on "Low Cost Lenders" to apply for a Stafford or Plus education loan. Also visit the "Money-Saving Borrower Benefits" for tips on saving even more on these loans.

What you should know: Those wary of sending information over the Internet, might want to think twice about using the CASHE Scholarship Service.

You have to provide a Social Security number in order to reap its benefits. You'll also need an updated Internet browser and an e-mail account for the scholarship service.

How to get there: Use the address above, or score some IQ points by linking up via the Work & Money site (

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