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Neither side was ready to provide details of the tentative contract agreement between DaimlerChrysler and the United Auto Workers Union (UAW). The deal, reached in Auburn Hills, Mich., after two days of almost nonstop bargaining, affects 75,000 workers and was the first in concurrent negotiations with each of the Big Three automakers. The UAW was known to be seeking wage increases and an easier path to organizing nonunion DaimlerChrysler plants in the South. However, federal rules forbid the latter issue to be covered in contract language. A union spokesman said no date has been set for ratification of the agreement by its members.

Following up its pledge to cut expenses by $2 billion before the end of the year, AT&T said it has frozen hiring. The telecommunications giant, which eliminated 20,000 jobs last year, also said it hoped to achieve additional staff reductions through attrition, although it would not rule out another round of layoffs. It is known to want to shrink its long-distance and administrative units - and possibly others - to focus on such divisions as wireless and Internet.

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