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IF YOU PLAY IT, THEY WILL LEAVE In her show-business career, Tina Turner has sung, danced, appeared on TV, acted in movies - and even been the inspiration for one. Now, a whole new avenue for her talents has opened up. The operators of Gloucestershire airport in Staverton, England, have found that recordings of her voice, over loudspeakers, are the most effective way to scare unwanted birds off its runways. In fact, they work far better than distress calls of other fowl taped specifically for the purpose. No word on whether agents for the singer are attempting to collect royalties.

CATCH ME LATER, OK? The most obscure person seeking the presidency may be Brian Anderson. Nonetheless, the twenty-something Michigan State University graduate is campaigning nationally - most recently in the Seattle area - even though he doesn't plan to declare his candidacy until the 2020 election. By then, he reasons, he'll be mature enough to lead the US. Said a factory supervisor who has come to know him: "It's nice to see some youth still out there shooting for a goal."

Survey of likely GOP voters shows which issues excite In a recent poll conducted in New Hampshire by Zogby International for the National Environmental Trust, 405 people who said they were likely to vote in the 2000 Republican presidential primary were asked what issues were "very" or "somewhat" important to them. A significant number said they thought cutting crime, a strong military, improving education, protecting Social Security, family values, and protecting the environment were more significant than cutting taxes and restricting abortion. The percentage who said the following issues were very or somewhat important:

1. Cutting crime 97%

(tie) Strong military 97%

3. Social Security 94%

(tie) Education 94%

(tie) Family values 94%

(tie) Environment 94%

7. Cutting taxes 89%

8. Restricting abortion 57%

- Associated Press

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