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The National Football League season and television's new fall schedule are upon us, so it stands to reason that the students at Marlboro College in Vermont would want their campus wired for satellite dishes, right? Well, no, actually. The school, deep in the state's southern hills, can barely pick up over-the-air broadcasts and is too rural to be attractive to a cable system. But last week, when the satellite question was put to a vote, an overwhelming majority rejected it. And after they did, even the student who offered the proposal acknowleged: "Not having TV in my room has helped me to study more."


But for those who like to kick back for some serious TV-watching, the La-Z-Boy furniture company is introducing a new recliner - with a built-in chiller for, um, liquid refreshment. Its $899 Oasis model has a flip-up armpad that holds six 12-ounce cans. On the other arm: a phone that can be used to order out for pizza.

Ranking pro football teams according to their net worth

Dallas may not have the best team in pro football this year, but the franchise is No. 1 in net worth, according to Forbes magazine. The Sept. 20 issue says the Cowboys top the National Football League with a value of $663 million. The Detroit Lions rank 30th - last - at $293 million. Net worth is based on revenues from last season, taking into account the state of each team's stadium and its financial arrangement with the stadium. The top and bottom five on the list and the net worth of each (in millions):

Top five franchises

1. Dallas Cowboys $663

2. Washington Redskins 607

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 502

4. Carolina Panthers 488

5. New England Patriots 460

Bottom five franchises

26. Atlanta Falcons 306

27. Indianapolis Colts 305

28. Arizona Cardinals 301

29. Oakland Raiders 299

30. Detroit Lions 293

- Reuters

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