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what: a user-friendly site with a human touch that makes job-hunting easier.

The best parts: Simply submit your rsum, and BrilliantPeople's "job agents" - a computer search program - will e-mail you job opportunities that match your qualifications. The site also feeds your rsum to a network of 4,500 professional recruiters specializing in a wide variety of industries.

The combination of artificial and human intelligence sets this online-recruitment site apart from others that limit you to a simple "keyword" search.

The site also gives free career advice, such as how to present your credentials or nail an interview. It also tracks national hiring trends.

You can even get advice on relocation-related issues, such as how to adjust your salary to the cost of living in different areas.

What you should know: This site was recently launched by Management Recruiters International Inc., a human-resource firm based in Ohio.

BrilliantPeople guarantees confidentiality - only its recruiters will see your rsum - so your boss won't find out if you're looking elsewhere.

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