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A REAL BANG-UP TIME Greg Cummins has given the term firefighter a whole new meaning. The Augusta, Ky., police chief was returning to his cruiser after a routine traffic stop when he saw smoke coming from under the dashboard. He tried using a fire extinguisher, without success. Then flames erupted, and it wasn't long before they reached the 9-mm ammunition he kept inside the car. Soon, bullets were whizzing all around, sending Cummins scurrying to block the road until the excitement was over. No one was hurt. The traffic violator was let off with a warning.

COME AND GET 'EM Perhaps you recall an item in this space last month citing California's Silicon Valley as having 5,400 more unattached men than unmarried women. Then it should come as no surprise that the group American Singles is inviting females from across the US there for a weekend. And if the takers don't each find at least one suitable man, the deal includes a money-back guarantee.

Sunbelt rated as having top colleges for women athletes In its fall issue, Sports Illustrated for Women has released the names of 20 schools it considers the best in the US for women in collegiate athletics. The magazine's editors used a variety of factors to develop the rankings, including the number of championships each had won; varsity, club and intramural opportunities for women athletes; graduation rates; financial aid; fan support; and facilities. The 15 at the top of the list:

1. Stanford

2. Florida

3. Texas

4. North Carolina


6. Georgia

7. Arizona

8. Maryland

9. Harvard

10. Wisconsin

11. Penn State

12. Washington

13. Virginia

14. Princeton

15. Notre Dame

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