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Nearly a week after the earthquake in Turkey, rescue efforts are winding down, and relief efforts are ramping up. Tent towns are being erected, and summer resorts are opening doors to an estimated 200,000 homeless.

Philippine President Joseph Estrada says he just wants to tinker with the constitution to allow more foreign investment. But opponents fear he's giving special deals to old friends and will try to stretch his term. Pro-democracy protesters warned Estrada that he had better not stray. Quote of note: "The issue is not trust, not trust in the president, but the company he keeps....The characters in power today are the ones the people threw out yesterday." - former Philippine president Cory Aquino.

In Yugoslavia, opposition divisions are more apparent than ever. And US aid may be undermining their cause.

REPORTERS ON THE JOB *HUMOR HELPS: The road to Belgrade from southern Serbia takes hours longer to drive than it used to, correspondent Scott Peterson found. NATO airstrikes have taken out several key bridges. The upside: detour routes offer extensive countryside views. But there can be other delays. Two Serbian policemen pulled Scott over for speeding. When they saw his American passport, they demanded to search his bags. "So, you are the terrorist!" one cop declared, warming to the task. "No," countered Scott with a smile,"YOU are supposed to be the terrorist." Serbian police clearly have kept their sense of humor. They laughed. Scott paid his fine, and they let him go.

*SOGGY NOTEBOOK: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor the fury of Typhoon Sam kept demonstrators in Manila from pouring into the streets last Friday. Tens of thousands of office workers filled the business district during a long, lunchtime rally. Confetti rained from surrounding office buildings, and H2O fell from the dark clouds above. Reporter Abby Tan found note-taking almost impossible. "I brought an umbrella but we were packed in like sardines, and I didn't have room to open it."

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