Cure for clutter

When you sleepily reach into the wall cabinet for your toothpaste in the morning, do nail polish, deodorant, and combs fall out? It's possible to find more storage space in your bathroom by doing some organizing and cutting clutter.

*Start by tossing out all the products you haven't used in months.

*Place towels, toiletries, and odds and ends in baskets for a neat look.

*Put lipstick and other small items in clear plastic storage trays that are divided into compartments.

*Don't overlook storage racks that fit on the back of the bathroom door.

*Borrow a cutlery tray from the kitchen for under-sink toiletry storage.

*Glass shelves across the window are great for plants or decorative items you'd like on display

Source: The Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Magazine

(c) Copyright 1999. The Christian Science Publishing Society

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