Surf, sand, and ... cell phones?

If you're the type who would call the office while relaxing on some far-away exotic island, you're not alone.

A new survey by the world's leading recruiter shows that American executives aren't getting as much rest and relaxation as they might want while on vacation.

Of the more than 5,000 executives surveyed, a whopping 82 percent said that they do work while on vacation, according to the survey conducted by Management Recruiters International Inc.

Of those who work during their holiday time:

*28 percent keep in touch with the office by telephone.

*13 percent keep in touch by e-mail.

*13 percent shorten their vacations because of work.

The figures are "a consequence of the way we work today," says Allen Salikof, CEO of MRI. "The lines between work and family life are increasingly blurring. It's not only employers that are placing more demands and pressures on workers, but also a function of employees wanting a more flexible work schedule to accommodate their lifestyles."

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