Volunteer for the New Year

We've heard about the millennium celebration vacation excesses - stays in Las Vegas for $1,000 per night, ridiculously expensive cruise parties to the international dateline and sky-high air fares. But there is another, more-rewarding way to celebrate the beginning of a new century.

Consider a millennium celebration trip with the Millennium Service Project, coordinated by Global Volunteers, a nonprofit organization.

From December 26 through January 1, volunteers will work with community groups throughout the US on projects involving infrastructure, education, and health care.

A tax-deductible contribution that ranges from $450 to $1,200 for adults covers the cost of accommodations, meals, local transportation, project materials, and administrative costs. Volunteers can work either on a Millennium Service Project across the country (you pay for the transportation), or on a project closer to home. No special skills are required, just an eagerness to work and a desire to give back to the community as we begin a new century.

For more information, contact Global Volunteers at 800-487-1074, or visit their Web site at www.globalvolunteers.org.

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