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What: A site dedicated to keeping you informed on global markets and how they might affect your own investment decisions - all in clearly written, accessible language.

The best parts: The "Investor's Tools" option is chock-full of useful information. The "Glossary of confusing investment terms," explains such hard-to-grasp subjects as long-term debt-to-capital ratio, operating income, and market capitalization.

The "Investor's Atlas" contains exhaustive information on various countries and their markets. With a few clicks, you can find out what the population of Luxembourg is or how fast Brazil's economy grew last year.

What you should know: When you log on to the Worldly Investor site, you will most likely be barraged with ad boxes, the most distracting of which belongs to eSignal. The eSignal notice appears as an alert, asking you to click on "yes" or "cancel." If you do not wish to enter such a server, ignore the notice completely, as clicking on either response can funnel you away from Worldly Investor.

How to get there: Type in the address listed above or log on to the Work & Money site, and we'll connect you:

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