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As pro football teams report to training camp this week, excitement builds among fans and teams. The Cleveland Browns and instant replay return, two new stadiums will open, and the Denver Broncos will try to survive without John Elway (who retired last year). Even the Indianapolis Colts, which finished 3-13 last season, is looking forward to camp. Team president Bill Polian puts things in perspective: "You're always excited at the beginning."

Q: How will instant replay work this year?

A: With the exception of the last two minutes of each half, the new instant-replay system is activated when a coach challenges an official ruling. It's controversial for two reasons: It delays the game, and the camera angle might be unsatisfactory to some. The system may not be perfect, but it provides a second or third look.

Q: What is the newest NFL team?

A: The Cleveland Browns. It is the first expansion team with a history and a built-in fan base. In 1995, the original team moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens, which still exists. The new team comes well-equipped with the NFL's No. 1 draft pick, quarterback Tim Couch. The players will be wearing the familiar brown, orange, and white colors when the team plays its first game Aug. 9 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Q: Which teams have new stadiums?

A: The Browns open their 69,000-seat Cleveland Stadium on Aug. 21 when they play the Minnesota Vikings. On Aug. 27, the Tennessee Titans play in their new 67,000-seat stadium in Nashville, hosting the Atlanta Falcons.

Q: How much food is consumed during training camp?

A: Here's a sampling of the food and amounts the Denver Broncos are expected to consume July 23 to Aug. 19:

3,600 pounds of fish*

3,360 pounds of chicken

3,120 pounds of beef

3,200 slices of pizza

3,000 ice cream cones

3,000 liters of bottled water

* Players' favorite: catfish with cornmeal

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