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Yes, there has been a drought in much of Pennsylvania. But it's not the Shaws' fault, although you'd think otherwise if you saw their April-June water bill. It showed the Stewarts-town family of four had used 9.9 million gallons - or about 110,000 a day. Payment due: $70,455. Since they usually owe between $85 and $110, it seemed prudent to check with town officials about the matter. A computer error was discovered, and the Shaws are still financially afloat.


A Roman Catholic priest, presiding at mass in Argentina's mountainous Salta province, saw some remarkably familiarlooking clothes on a man in the congregation. They looked comfortable. They looked warm. They looked like ... his. In fact, they were. The parishioner had broken into his room in a nearby monastery and stolen them. The cleric finished the service, then called the police, who accepted the thief's surrender without incident.

Poll finds 'Cosby' is favorite among America's TV families

In a Reuters/Zogby-America poll released last week, more than 1,000 participants were asked which of the families featured in TV series they would prefer as a model for their own. Comedian Bill Cosby's family in his "Cosby" series was the most popular choice. But, when asked which TV family most resembled their own, respondents ranked "Home Improvement" No. 1. The top five model families and those most often cited as being similar to the respondents' own families (with accompanying percentages in parentheses):

Model families

1. "Cosby" 9.9%

2. "7th Heaven" 5.7%

3. "Home Improvement" 5.2%

4. "The Waltons" 3.9%

5. "The Simpsons" 3.8%

Most like one's own family

1. "Home Improvement" 7.7%

2. "Cosby" 7.0%

3. "The Simpsons" 4.1%

4. "7th Heaven" 3.0%

5. "Leave It to Beaver" 2.4%

- Reuters

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