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Prominent public figures presumably have more important things to do than enter contests, right? Not the chief justice of the US. William Rehnquist, little heard from since he presided over the impeachment trial in the Senate back in February, has been notified that he topped all other entrants in a Washington Post quiz: "What automobile is referred to in a license plate that reads 1 DIV 0?" Answered Rehnquist, correctly: "I believe it refers to an Infiniti, since when you divide 0 into 1, the result is infinity."


Recognition, however, eluded US Attorney General Janet Reno at the July 4 holiday parade in rural Idyllwild, Calif., near Palm Springs. Reno, who's been in the news hundreds of times in her two terms, overheard a couple puzzling over her identity. They agreed she looked familiar. But the closest either of them could come was imagining her as "the checkout person" at the local supermarket.

UN survey concludes Canada is world's best place to live

For the sixth consecutive year, a UN Human Development Report ranks Canada first among places to live worldwide. The survey, released earlier this week, rates 174 nations according to such factors as health care, life expectancy, education, and income. Norway, which is ranked No. 2 overall, is said to treat women better than any other country. The 15 nations at the top of this year's list:

1. Canada

2. Norway

3. US

4. Japan

5. Belgium

6. Sweden

7. Australia

8. The Netherlands

9. Iceland

10. Britain

11. France

12. Switzerland

13. Finland

14. Germany

15. Denmark

- Reuters

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