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South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation commission is unique. There have been others in Chile, Rwanda, El Salvador. But these truth hearings offer to give victims a voice as well as forgive the most heinous criminals. Will South Africans accept justice without retribution?

In northern Kosovo, retribution remains a motivating force. Many Serbs have gathered to make their last stand on the north side of the city of Mitrovica.

North Korea is bridging another divide - a technological one - by tapping the skills of its neighbors. The revelation that a North Korean ballistic missile contains parts stamped "Made in Japan" is triggering a security debate. Should Japan tighten restrictions on technology it sells?

But technology bans don't always work. Take Syria. Satellite dishes are illegal but they're becoming as common as head scarfs. No one watches official state programming). Instead, even the poorest Arabs are being exposed to new political ideas and foreign moral mores.

- David Clark Scott, World editor

REPORTERS ON THE JOB .. *NO DISRESPECT, BUT...: When Jordan's King Hussein passed on in February, the nation began 40 official days of mourning. Jordan TV ran only funereal fare and biographical sketches of the king. The radio played no music, just prayer sessions and Islamic chants. How did many Jordanians cope? Within a few days, workers climbed the roof in front of reporter Scott Peterson's house and installed a huge satellite dish - reception is legal in Jordan. Across Amman, dishes sprung up like mushrooms after a rain.

PRESS CLIPPING.. *MY SON, NAMED FOR A TERRORIST? Suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden is on the 10 Most Wanted List in the US. But among new parents in Pakistan's conservative Dir region, Osama has become the name of choice for boys, reports The News. "People say they are impressed by the courage shown by Osama bin Laden in challenging and defying the United States," said Mohammed Jalil.

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