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nice rig. had it LONG?

The scene: a remote campground known as Thrsmrk, 75 miles from Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. The peace and quiet that a weekend visitor was enjoying in his tent is shattered by the two guys trying with great difficulty to set up on the next site. But, being a neighborly sort of fellow, he ambles over, offering to help - and makes a startling discovery. The trailer from which they were trying to extend the balky shelter was ... his. It had been stolen from a Reykjavik parking lot. Our man hid his surprise, got to a phone, and summoned police. Now the culprits are camped out in jail.


From Tokyo comes word that the hottest fashion statement among affluent young Japanese is gray hair. Only they wish it to be referred to as ... ash. According to a knowledgeable stylist, the trend began with surfing enthusiasts and "took off" this spring among high-school students. Rather than wait for nature to take its course, teens and twentysomethings wanting to be in step with the times happily shell out up to $100 apiece for a tinting at a salon.

Want a pricey house? You'll be in exclusive company here

Based on the median prices of private dwellings, the wealthiest community in the US is Jupiter Island, Fla., according to the latest annual ranking by the financial intelligence magazine Worth. The enclave 20 miles north of Palm Beach traded places with Aspen, Colo., which was No. 1 last year. Thirty-nine of the magazine's 100 wealthiest - and 75 of the 250 most exclusive - are in California. This year's 10 richest communities from the June issue of Worth and their median home prices:

Jupiter Island, Fla. $1.7 million

Aspen, Colo. 1.62

Atherton, Calif. 1.53

Hillsborough, Calif. 1.25

Belvidere, Calif. 1.22

Mountain Village, Calif. 1.20

Rolling Hills, Calif. 1.20

Snowmass Village, Colo. 1.12

Los Altos, Calif. 1.10

Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. 1.10

Compiled by Robert Kilborn

and Elisabetta Coletti

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