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What must life be like for a Serbian woman married to an ethnic Albanian man in Kosovo?. Also, for the many ethnic Albanian families who are returning to their homes, the search has begun for missing relatives. It's estimated that thousands of ethnic Albanians may be dead, held in Serbian prisons, or still in refugee camps somewhere.

Subtle overtures between Israel and Syria hold the promise of renewed peace talks. But the "rejectionists" - are not interested in any concessions. Quote of note: "Arafat wants a state, even if it's only a few centimeters. This is the major problem."- George Habash, Palestinian militant.

Life mirrors art? Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has bestowed upon the newest royal couple a title found only in novels and the movie "Shakespeare in Love".

Of tombs, charms, and politics. The rising fortunes of the Shas party in Israel - now with 17 seats in parliament - is fueled in part by a new-old fascination with mysticism.

- David Clark Scott, World editor

REPORTERS ON THE JOB.. * SERENDIPITY IS ON THE MENU: Reporter Lucian Kim was hunting for a Kosovo rarity, a Serbian-Albanian couple, but making little progress. Another search - this one for an evening meal - led him to his interview. Lucian went to Pristina's Grand Hotel for dinner, only to find that half the Serbian staff had disappeared. Looking around for another place to eat, he was led to a restaurant by a young man, Almir Jakupi. Lucian learned Almir was not only ethnic Albanian but also Serbian - and Lucian had the family for his story.

* ALPHABET SOUP In SYRIA: It's been eight years since Scott Peterson visited the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). But guards with AK-47 banana ammo clips strapped to their chests still stood idly at the entrance. Entering the cramped DFLP quarters (and the offices of PFLP-GC and PFLP) Scott was reminded of the Monty Python comedy "The Life of Brian." In the biblical farce, one of the characters asks a group of guerrillas, "Is this the Judean People's Front?" Not a chance, he's told. This is the "People's Front of Judea." Where then was the "Judean Popular Front?" The swift reply: "He's over there."

* A SIMPLE BOB WILL DO: Researching his story on the Earl and Countess of Wessex, Alexander MacLeod found that royal etiquette is "loosening up just a little bit." A royal official told Alex that women meeting the queen no longer need to perform a full curtsy. A simple bob - and for determined republicans, a formal bowing of the head - will do.

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