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WHAT: You're down to the wire on applying to college. You know you want to major in communications, but with thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, how do you know which one is for you? Enter collegeview.com.

THE BEST POINTS: Start by choosing specifics about what you want from an institution (major, location, sports, size of city). Then collegeview matches your criteria with one of 3,800 two- and four-year colleges and universities and presents you with a list of schools. Want to know what the schools on your list look like? The site's roughly 300 virtual tours will help familiarize you with various colleges. If you have questions about financial aid, you can e-mail professional counselors admission-related questions or look through the scads of financial-aid information. You can also download applications. Once you've been accepted, the site's extensive list of what to bring to college will help when packing. Another helpful feature: A list of books on dealing with college life.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Collegeview collects data about institutions twice a year. The site is divided into a free site and a subscriber site. You don't have to subscribe to have access to the features listed above. If you do subscribe, you gain access to, among other things, thousands of scholarship opportunities. Subscribers are required to provide personal information before they can get in.

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