Defining Russia's Kosovo role

The Kosovo peacekeeping agreement between Russia and the United States, signed in Helsinki Friday, allows for Russian participation in KFOR and sets rules on such issues as intelligence-sharing and common rules of engagement. Some key points:

*No Russian sector is created, but one or two Russian battalions can operate in the US sector. The US will recommend NATO let Russian forces participate in KFOR forces deployed in the German and French sectors.

*KFOR officers are to have "tactical control" of Russian forces, but the Russian contingent will be under the political and military control of the Russian command - presuming that the Russian side maintains full political and military control.

*Russia will have the right to establish a logistics base with an appropriate security force near the town of Kosovo Polje.

*All KFOR participants will have access to the Pristina airfield in Kosovo, under procedures to be established by KFOR.

*The total Russian deployment in Kosovo will not exceed 2,850 troops, plus up to 750 total additional troops for the airfield and logistics base operations, plus 16 liaison officers.

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