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SO I'M GOING INTO FOOD SALES Last weekend in London, as the Rolling Stones appeared in concert in Wembley Stadium, Carlo Little was outside selling hot dogs. So what, you ask? Only that had circumstances been different 36 years ago, Little probably would have been inside the huge arena, too - on stage with his former mates. Little once was the band's drummer, but "they only had a few gigs lined up" and could pay him only a few bucks for each. So he bailed out - shortly before the Stones hit the big time. "I could have become a millionaire," he concedes, "but then I remember that I'm alive and happy."

BRING YOUR OWN KNITTING The Pirates are struggling. And the Penguins ended the hockey season bankrupt and perhaps without a future. Still, Pittsburgh rocks this summer. As a public service, downtown retailers are sponsoring sidewalk rocking chairs for folks to stop, sit for a spell, and forget their cares. Except with stray cats, the promotion is a big hit.

'Austin Powers' sequel packs wallop at movie box offices "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" set records in its first weekend in release and racked up $57.4 million in ticket sales - far exceeding industry expectations. The '60s-themed spy-spoof sequel, starring comedian Mike Myers of "Saturday Night Live" fame, had the highest-grossing comedy opening and the highest June opening for any film. The new "Star Wars" sequel, which has brought in close to $300 million in just four weeks, fell into the No. 2 spot over the weekend. Reported grosses at North American theaters June 12-14 (in millions):

1. "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" $54.7

2. "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" 25.6

3. "Notting Hill" 11.3

4. "Instinct" 6.8

5. "The Mummy" 5.5

6. "Entrapment" 2.7

7. "The Matrix" 1.9

8. "The Thirteenth Floor" 1.2

9. "Tea With Mussolini" 0.8

10. "Never Been Kissed" 0.7 - Exhibitor Relations Inc./AP

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