Internet sitings

What: This site tells you about product discounts from more than 100 online merchants. It also offers a customized e-mail newsletter listing deals.

The best parts: Bargain Dog posts sales starting at 25 percent off on music, books, food, apparel, electronics, and more.

Its "professional shoppers" hunt down new discounts every day from sites including,, Sharper Image, and Digital Chef.

Search under the books category, for example, and you'll learn that "Primary Colors" in hardback costs only $3.99 on Then you can link to the site, where you buy.

To subscribe to Bargain Dog's newsletter, go to the home page and enter your e-mail address. Then fill out a user profile, including what products you like and how often you want updates. You should start getting e-mails right away.

What you should know: The newsletter and site are free. Launched in April 1999, Bargain Dog is owned by Sombasa Media Inc., which makes money by charging merchants for listing their sale items.

How to get there: Link there free via Work & Money's Web page:

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