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WHAT: Whether you're a nervous freshman or a mortarboard-wearing grad, this site tells you how to cope with college life - and save money while doing it.

BEST POINTS: The site wants you to sign up for a Student Advantage membership that costs $20 per year. This entitles you to discounts at such stores as Tower Records, Amtrak, and Footlocker. Members receive online and in-store discounts. But where this site excels is addressing issues facing students. While some of the articles are padded and sometimes lack substance, they are informative and let you know what fellow students are doing across the country. Topics covered include education, career and money, entertainment, health, and living. Practical tips abound. Not excited about living with your parents this summer? Read the tips for not going crazy after the first week and dealing with old high school friends. Many of the articles come from U-Wire, an online service that draws from articles in university newspapers around the country. Discussion boards let you read comments on such questions as "Is study abroad a must-do experience?" and "Can cumulative finals be fair?"

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Student Advantage says there are discounts from merchants in your area, but many major US cities are not included.

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