Riddles in rhyme

Read the verses and guess the words; many are homonyms or homophones

1. With 'shore' i'm just

a-rolling by;

The thirdly letter;

My eyes espy.

2. With 'down,' it's a stream

Of heavy, hard rain;

To serve from a pitcher;

Humble, no gain.

3. With 'nic' at the end

I'm a meal shared with ants;

Alone, I'm to gather

The blooms off my plants.

4. A word for ascend;

The queen of all flowers;

The color of glasses

That never see showers.

5. I'm jumpy and nervous;

I'm a verb's sense of time;

I'm covering the campers;

With 'sense' we're a rhyme.

6. A wall I can be,

Cast out to sea;

A classmate or teammate;

To look narrowly.

7. It's all you perceive

That seems to be;

A spool for fishing;

A dance carefree.

8. With 'cu' I'm a veggie,

A friend of tomato;

With 'en' I'm a bother,

A real leaden weight-o.

9. I chatter away

When 'pie's' in my name;

With 'net' I call pull you,

No force can refrain.

10. With 'brain' I can mean

That a 'light' has gone on;

At sea I will rumble

'Til boats are all gone.

11. I am not a pillow,

Though we rhyme so well;

I'm more apt to weep

If I'm feeling well.


(1) sea, 'C', see

(2) pour, poor

(3) picnic, pick

(4) rose

(5) tense, tents

(6) pier, peer

(7) real, reel

(8) cumber

(9) magpie, magnet

(10) storm

(11) willow

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