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their profit: a mere 14,285%

Internet stocks are fetching hefty prices these days. Then there's the investment that former Albuquerque, N.M., broker Eric Wade and a friend paid $70 for in 1994 ... and sold late last month for a cool $1 million. Wade had the foresight to register, guessing it would increase in value over time. The Web address was bought at auction by Players Only, a company based in Venezuela that plans to use it for online trading.


If you'd been pursuing a dream since Franklin Roosevelt was president, wouldn't you have the right by now to figure that it wasn't going to come true? Not if you were Cecil Wyett. His finally did last week in Springfield, Mo., when his tee shot landed in the cup on the par-three seventh hole at Twin Oaks Country Club. It was his first hole-in-one in 66 years of playing golf.

Panel selects top nonfiction books of the 20th century

Nearly a year after releasing a controversial list of 100 best fiction books of the 1900s, the Modern Library has unveiled a selection of 100 best nonfiction works published in English this century. The panel of novelists, historians, scientists, and others who chose the books were to consider literary and intellectual merit - not popularity or social impact. The judges' top 10:

1. "The Education of Henry Adams" Henry Adams

2. "The Varieties of Religious Experience" William James

3. "Up From Slavery" Booker T. Washington

4. "A Room of One's Own" Virginia Woolf

5. "Silent Spring" Rachel Carson

6. "Selected Essays

1917-1932" T.S. Eliot

7. "The Double Helix" James D. Watson

8. "Speak Memory" Vladimir Nabokov.

9. "The American Language" H.L. Mencken

10. "The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money" John Maynard Keynes

- Associated Press

Compiled by Robert Kilborn and Lance Carden

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