Standards for effective parenting

Experts agree that all positive parenting rests upon the attribute oflove. The National Center for Kids Overcoming Crisis offers parents these sevenguidelines.

1. Value your child.

supply honest praise, work to build self-esteem, and be loyal to the child's best desires.

2. Nurture your child.

Display love through hugs, eye contact, and encouraging words. Spend time with your child.

3. Teach your child.

Treat the child as you'd like him to treat himself - and you. Encourage him to talk about problems; share how you've solved struggles.

4. Speak the truth to your child.

Do not deceive. It is sometimes better to say little or nothing and allow the child to trust, than to lie and undermine confidence. A trusting relationship makes it easier for your child to confide in you.

5. Discipline your child.

Offer compassionate, consistent correction when a child transgresses guidelines. A quick temper or holding grudges won't replace gentle but firm actions.

6. Encourage your child.

Always put the child's needs and interests first, ahead of your own. As the child develops interests, encourage him.

7. Never give up on your child.

Challenge yourself to find new solutions to problems. When unsure what is right, follow your intuition. Ask others for advice.

Source: National Center for Kids Overcoming Crisis

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