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What: User-friendly financial information and interactive features to help families manage their money and plan for college, retirement, vacations, and more.

The best parts: The site features biweekly columns offering Family Money's "take" on current financial news and events.

Interactive features are user-friendly and helpful. One allows users to share their thoughts on financial issues with each other as well as with Family Money editors.

Another, the interactive Family Money Financial Calculator, lets you figure out monthly payments and receive printouts showing payments and monthly balances on mortgages, car leases, and other loans.

What you should know: The site is maintained by Family Money magazine, which is a subsidiary of Better Homes and Gardens. Family Money's goal is to make the site a comprehensive source for financial information in easy-to-understand language, and, presumably, draw readers to the magazine.

How to get there: start with the family-friendly Work & Money home page:

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