Don't talk so fast, and stand up straight!

Hard-working, well-intentioned employees frequently hinder their own careers.

And they usually don't know it.

According to a survey by Benton Management Resources Inc., self-defeating behaviors can make or break a career. Eliminate these poor habits, says Debra Benton, and you will climb the ladder faster and farther.

Here are the top five self-defeating behaviors that working people have:

1. You talk too fast: Speed makes what you say seem unimportant - if you're heard at all.

2. You talk too much, providing too much detail. If you're asked the time of day, you explain how to build a watch.

3. You're judgmental of others. You may think you're the kind of person who doesn't "suffer fools lightly," but it's an attitude that makes you insufferable.

4. You're too critical of yourself. You talk too much about your own inadequacies.

5. You have weak body language and speaking voice: Nervous gestures, poor posture. and timid voice tones undermine your credibility.

Source: Benton Management Resources Inc.

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