Church board names new director

The Christian Science Board of Directors has elected Paul D. Grimes of St. Louis as a member of the board, effective April 19.

Mr. Grimes succeeds J. Anthony Periton, a board member since 1994. Mr. Periton asked to return to his native England and the full-time public practice and teaching of Christian Science healing.

"We deeply appreciate Tony's significant contribution in helping to guide the fresh development and design of our periodicals," said Virginia S. Harris, the board's chairman. "This renewed editorial and graphic clarity has placed our periodicals - including the Monitor - closer to the hearts of both present and new readers. We are grateful Tony will continue as a contributing editor of our weekly and monthly magazines."

The Christian Science Board of Directors is the five-member, self-perpetuating body that transacts the business of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, which publishes this newspaper.

Each director oversees several church activities. Grimes will supervise legal and personnel services. Oversight of the Publishing Society's editorial activities, which had been in Periton's portfolio, will move to John L. Selover, the director who also serves as manager of The Christian Science Publishing Society.

Grimes has been in the public practice of Christian Science healing since 1971 and has been a teacher of Christian Science since 1982. He was a field assistant for the former Department of Branches and Practitioners for five years and has twice served as a member of the church's Board of Lectureship.

"Paul brings a wealth of varied and valuable experience to his new post," Mrs. Harris said.

Periton previously served as manager of the Publishing Society, as a Publishing Society trustee, and as district manager of Christian Science Committees on Publication for Great Britain and Ireland.

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