Yard Sale Dos and Don'ts


* Make signs big and distinctive. Emphasize the address.

*Begin gathering stuff a year ahead in a designated yard-sale carton or area in your cellar.

*Plan your sale on the same weekend as a neighbor's.

*Put the largest items near the road instead of piles of clothes and tables of knickknacks.

*Group similar items together.

*Separate children's clothing according to size.

*Let your children sell snacks (cookies or brownies and lemonade). They'll need a cash box, a colorful sign, paper cups and napkins, and a trash basket. Let them run the whole show.


*Have a sale on a holiday weekend.

*Agree to hold an item for someone.

*Hover. They'll let you know if they need your help. Enjoy your customers.

*Forget to take the signs down afterwards.

From "Tightwad Gazette" by Amy Dacyczyn; "The Garage Sale Handbook" by Peggy Hitchcock (1986, Pilot Industries); "How to Have High Dollar Garage $ale$" by Jean Hines (1989, Vista Mark Publications).

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