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CLASS ACT Today's teenagers are mostly into self-indulgence, right? Not members of the Class of '99 at Whitehall (N.Y.) High. For two years they held fund-raisers to help finance their graduation trip - the social highlight of the year at the rural upstate school. The take: more than $1,500. But that was before pictures of refugees streaming out of Kosovo turned up on TV newscasts. Shaken by what they saw, the seniors decided to put their cash to a different use: for clothing, blankets, and other refugee needs. Last week, they turned the entire fund over to the Red Cross.

THE POLICE ARE HAPPY ALSO A St. Joseph, Mo., couple have found a novel way to curb their teenager's habit of collecting tickets for driving faster than the posted limit. It's a bumper-sticker for her car with the family's phone number and the message: "If I'm Speeding, Call My Parents." So far, no calls or new violations.

A ranking of the nation's 10 most-endangered rivers The conservation group American Rivers has released its annual report on US rivers facing the most serious threat of immediate degradation. The Snake River, once a natural passageway for millions of migrating salmon in Washington State, heads the list. The study says significant gains realized after passage of the Clean Water Act 25 years ago are in danger of being reversed by urban sprawl and its often-ignored side effects. The group's 10 most-endangered waterways:

1. Snake River - Washington

2. Missouri River - Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas,Missouri

3. Alabama, Coosa, Tallapoosa rivers - Georgia, Alabama

4. Upper San Pedro River - Arizona

5. Yellowstone River - Montana, North Dakota

6. Cedar River - Washington

7. Fox River - Illinois, Wisconsin

8. Carmel River - California

9. Coal River - West Virginia

10. Bear River - Utah

- Associated Press

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