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THE IDEA OF THE CENTURY While you weren't looking, entrepreneurs have locked up many of the ways to make a buck off the arrival of AD 2000. Want to put 01-01-00 on a hot-drink mug? Too late; it's already trademarked. Ditto for "Year 2000," "millennium bug," and even "Uh 00h." How about "Y2K?" No fewer than 550 categories of items to which that can be affixed are off-limits because somebody else got there first. But if you're thinking about copyrighting, patenting, or trademarking 12-31-99, it's still available. So far.

1999 Pulitzer Prize winners: Journalism: Public Service: Washington Post Breaking News: Hartford Courant staff Investigative Reporting: Miami Herald staff Explanatory Reporting: Richard Read, The (Portland) Oregonian Beat Reporting: Chuck Philips/ Michael A. Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times National Reporting: New York Times staff, notably Jeff Gerth International Reporting: The Wall Street Journal staff Feature Writing: Angelo B. Henderson, The Wall Street Journal Commentary: Maureen Dowd, The New York Times Criticism: Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune Editorial Writing: Editorial board, Daily News (New York) Editorial Cartooning: David Horsey, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Spot News Photography: Associated Press staff Feature Photography: Associated Press staff

Arts: Fiction: Michael Cunningham - "The Hours" Drama: Margaret Edson - "Wit" History: Edwin G. Burrows/Mike Wallace - "Gotham:History of New York City to 1898" Biography: A. Scott Berg - "Lindbergh" Poetry: Mark Strand - "Blizzard of One" General Nonfiction: John McPhee - "Annals of the Former World" Music: Melinda Wagner - "Concerto for Flute, Strings and Percussion" Special Citation: Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, jazz musician - Associated Press

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