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What: Computers, video games, books, and other products at such low prices that the site loses money almost every time it makes a sale.

The best parts: The selection of goods is vast with more than 30,000 products for sale. The site also runs daily and weekly specials. provides the Internet's first computer lease payment program. This option is available on each and every computer gadget - no matter what size. Within minutes, you can establish an online leasing account with a variety of payment terms.

Why are the prices so low? The method behind's madness is to draw so much traffic that it can charge high advertising rates. is currently making about $2 million in sales every week.

What you should know: Shipping and handling is covered by the customer. Some items can take up to six weeks to be delivered. only accepts payment by credit card.

How to get there: The Work & Money section leads you to the best bargains for free:

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