Drive a Bargain

0here are the best prices available on six sporty cars. All vehicles listed are equipped with automatic transmission, alloy wheels, air conditioning, power windows and locks, cruise control, dual airbags, CD player, and antilock brakes.

CarBargains, which provides the data for "Drive a Bargain," is a new-car shopping service that, for $165, gets bids from five dealers in your area on the car you want (800-475-7283).

Amount over (+) Factory Sports cars Best Amount under (-) invoice sticker price price factory invoice cost

Ford Mustang $18,860 $16,788 -$500 $17,288

Chevrolet Camaro V6 $20,158 17,720 -700 18,420

Pontiac Firebird 20,295 17,978 -600 18,578

Chrysler Sebring LX 20,630 18,030 -900 18,930

Mazda Miata 25,010 21,403 -1250 22,653

BMW Z3 2 8 37,945 34,055 +500 33,555

Source: CarBargains

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