Classified ads vs. the Web

Searching for a Job? At least for now, it's better to stick with circling the classified ads than to do your job-hunting on the Web.

Despite the explosion of help-wanted ads on the Internet, a recent survey found that newspaper ads remain the most widely used and effective venue used by companies searching out new employees.

According the survey conducted by the William Olsten Center for Workforce Strategies, more than 43 percent of new hires will be recruited by classified advertising. Only 5 percent are expected to be generated by the Internet and job-recruitment Web sites this year.

The Web is making headway, however. More companies are allowing job seekers to submit resumes or applications online. In fact, 38 percent of the companies surveyed said they will allow online submissions in 1999 - compared with only 17 percent two years ago.

Source: William Olsten Center for Workforce Strategies

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