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What is it: Ernst & Young's "1040 Survival Kit" provides heaps of information to help answer the most pressing tax questions.

The best parts: The big accounting firm's site lets you browse more than 500 tax-related items which can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

Get information and forms on a host of topics, including filing extensions, estate taxes, capital gains, and self-employment taxes. Learn about electronic filing and how to have a refund sent to you by direct deposit. Get your state forms by linking to state tax departments. The site also lists 50 deductions people often overlook when preparing income-tax returns. Some examples: dues to labor unions, lead-paint removal, and theft or embezzlement losses.

And don't forget to check out the 25 of the most common errors by taxpayers, and 10 mutual-fund tax-planning strategies.

What you should know: Patience is requisite. Unless you have a superfast modem, downloading and linking can be time-consuming.

How to get there: Link up through the tax-free Work & Money home page:

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