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American fighter jets may soon be bombing the Serbs for not signing a peace pact for Kosovo. But behind all the diplomatic maneuvers, what do Serbs living in Kosovo think about all this? Our reporter, Justin Brown, writes about his friend's reaction to the year-long conflict.

Parents and schools desperately seeking money for education are coming up with creative sources. In Europe, some schools are letting corporations put up ads in school hallways. Critics ask if this will let business sway what is taught.

Just before a critical election in Israel, the divide between two types of Jews has been widened by the conviction of a key leader.

Egypt's young Christians are flocking to monasteries and so are tourists.

An end to border wars between Peru and Ecuador is bringing big benefits.

- Clayton Jones World editor


*Recent bids to circumnavigate the earth by balloon:

January 1998: American Steve Fossett lands in Russia after flying nearly half the way around the world. Americans Dick Rhutan and Dave Melton parachute to safety over Texas shortly after liftoff due to a fuel leak. American Kevin Uliassi is forced to land in India.

February: Switzerland's Bertrand Piccard, Belgium's Wim Verstraeten, and Britain's Andy Elson are forced to land in Burma after China refuses them permission to enter its airspace.

Aug. 17: Steve Fossett ends his fourth attempt after being caught in a thunderstorm.

Dec. 18: Britain's Richard Branson and former archrival Fossett lift off from Morocco but bad weather forces them to land 8,200 miles later.

Feb. 17, 1999: British team of Andy Elson and Colin Prescot take off from Spain and set a new world record for the longest continuous flight without being refueled from another aircraft. They ditch in the Pacific due to bad weather.

March 1: The Brietling Orbiter 3 craft of Piccard and Jones leaves Switzerland. By March 18, it reaches the Atlantic, breaking the world record and aiming to land in North Africa this weekend.

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