How to find out 'where the money is.'


*The Wall Street Journal: The Money & Investing Section each day follows the equity performance of several industry groups. A table lists a combined tally for all financial services and then breaks the sector down into six categories ranging from banks to brokers:

*American Banker: Published Monday to Friday with dense but expert coverage of breaking news and trends for regional and major international banks:


*Standard & Poor's maintains several indexes, including a broad S&P 500 Financial Index and 11 sub-categories from regional banks, to insurers to savings & loans:

*Morningstar Inc. publishes mutual-fund profiles, including those in the financial sector. Its Web site occasionally reports on sectors and ranks sector funds:

The Web

*Yahoo!, for free, ranks finance stocks in several categories based on profits, expected profits, and analyst ratings:

It also offers industry news:

*For a small fee, $34.95 a year, Thomson Investors Network, provides in-depth research on a variety of companies and sectors:

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