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what: a site that helps consumers cut down on unwanted sales calls and junk mail.

The best parts: A San Francisco-based Web site, populardemand aims to put consumers, not marketers, in control.

First, register your name, phone number, e-mail, and home address with its "UnlistMe" service.

Populardemand then tells large mass-mailers, direct marketers, and credit bureaus to remove your personal information from their mail and telemarketing lists.

You can also tell the site what products and services interest you. Populardemand doesn't sell your information to marketers. Instead, it passes along e-mail offers from companies that sell the stuff you like.

What you should know: The site doesn't offer to cut down on unwanted e-mail (dubbed spam) from marketers. And it also can't prevent companies from which you have bought in the past from contacting you. You'll have to do that yourself.

How to get there: We'll take you there, spam-free, via the Work & Money Web site:

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