Ethics report

An elite ethics commission, chaired by former Sen. George Mitchell, yesterday made its recommendations to the United States Olympic Committee.

Some of the recommendations for USOC:

*It should prohibit bid or organizing committees from creating "assistance" programs, such as tuition grants, that benefit members of the IOC.

*It should follow more strictly its criteria for providing grants to developing nations.

*It should create an independent office charged with ensuring that prospective host cities and IOC members adhere to the rules.

*It should strengthen the rules cities must follow when vying to host the Games.

Recommendations for the International Olympic Committee:

*It should make internal changes to establish its accountability to the Olympic movement and to the public.

*It should strengthen rules governing the selection of host cities.

Joint recommendation for the IOC and USOC:

*The IOC and USOC should work together to take steps to designate the IOC as a "public international organization" that adheres to international codes of conduct.

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