Nap time, anyone?

As employees continue to clock more time at the office, companies are trying to make the office look more like home.

Casual dress is a start, but it's just the start.

The office of the future will be all about comfort and practicality - couches and cushiony chairs, even nap rooms for those brave companies whose employees dare to doze.

"An office environment can be comfortable," says Barbara Burkhardt, an architect at Callison Architecture in Seattle. "And if you are comfortable in your work space you can be more productive."

Among the changes: Florescent lights are out - soft track lighting or skylights are in. Some businesses are even putting lamps on employees desks.

Interoffice (merged with Alliance National), which provides full-service offices to companies, recently updated its Dallas office.

Among its amenities: coffee tables that convert into conference tables, and tablet chairs - recliners with a tablet for taking notes.

"What you try to do is create a happy medium between a home and a work environment," says Joanne McDaniel, vice president of sales and marketing at Interoffice. "As much as we're at work, it's nice to have some of those home amenities at work."

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